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Time Management (1)

13 May

Niko Prajogo

We can assume that time management is just common sense, and our team is “senior” enough to understand this practice. But it can be surprising that’s not the case, especially for a new team. Here are some common sense tips which work form me.

1. Measure your productivity. People don’t change until they realise the problems. If you do a blood test on the fat content in your blood, then you might change your diet. Similarly, try to assess your complete deliverables in the last reporting period, e.g. the entire last week. You can be very busy and be surprised that actually your deliverables are quite little. I would rather have 2-3 tasks 100% completed than 6-7 tasks all in progress – which often have no definite timeline.

2. Set your objectives weekly and plan your activities daily. Setting a goal and accomplishing it in time will bring sense of…

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