About Us

Bethany English Service (BES) is part of Bethany Church Singapore (www.bcs.org.sg).

For contact:
400 Orchard Road #07-01
Orchard Towers
Singapore 238875
Tel: (65) 6463 4695

Bethany English Service (BES) is a homogenous group that is formed to accomodate for the English-speaking congregation of different races and cultural background in the church. BES congregations consist of various nationalities namely Singaporean, Indonesian, Malaysian, Filipinos, Chinese, Japanese, Cambodian, Thai Indian, etc…

BES shifted back to Hyatt Hotel on 5 April 2009 as a regular Sunday service. Since then there has been a slow but steady increase in the number of attendance by God’s grace. The average weekly attendance now has reached to around 90 people on Sunday.

To raise up fervent disciples of Jesus Christ who will reach out and impact the families, communities, cities and nations for the Kingdom of God.

To serve the English-speaking people who come to this church. To equip the family, guiding them to grow as true worshippers who pray, praise & worship together, united in families that are loving and strong.

Join our fellowship:
Sunday | at 13.30 PM
10 Scotts Road – Level 2, Atelier Room

You can join our COOL at:

406 FAJAR ROAD #09-293
Wednesday at 19.30
Stella Ho 9135 1800

460 HOUGANG AVENUE 10 #02-988
Friday at 20.00
Gilbert 9010 5430

26 Woodlands Crescent #03-25
Northoaks Condominium
Friday at 19.30
Halim Setiyawan 9027 7400 –
6476 6440

Wednesday at 19.30
Irene Pribadi & Jo Baby
9621 9201 – 9369 3665

Fax: (65) 6227 6084
email: info@bcs.org.sg


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