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31 May


Today’s Word: Psalm 42:5-12

Today’s Bible Reading:

Morning: John 12:1-26

Night: 2 Chronicle 13-14

Today’s Inspiration
If by any chance you happen to be in a hospital and see people who are sick without any strength. You definitely can see the difference with the people who have the hope who are more visible in high spirits and more positive word said to live in their hope. Many testimonies say that miracles are awarded to people who have hope.

The above Word of God above says that hope is a sign a human is alive and has a life. Try to remember the last time you were under pressure and had become desperate? At that time, although you still had a life but your heart and your life felt dry and seemed empty. Maybe you eat but are not satisfied, bathroom is not clean, body feels tired but the mind is hovering. At night time you expect morning to come soon, during the day you want the night to come soon. You live but do not enjoy life even lost the meaning of life itself. Those are the conditions of people without hope.

But when you have hope in the Lord, even before you there is a problem of the Red Sea, Jericho’s problem, problem of confronting Goliath, you will be given a new strength every day to enjoy and conquer your problems.


“Anyone who is among the living has hope” (Ecclesiastes 9:4)


Why are you depressed O my soul, why are you anxious within me? Hope to God!


If today you are in despair hear Jesus saying, “Do not be afraid and anxious heart for I will fight over you.”




30 May


Today’s Word: Psalm 23

Today’s Bible Reading:

Morning: John 11:30-57

Night: 2 Chronicle 10-12

Today’s Inspiration

One day, someone has a dream. He is brought by Jesus to the edge of a beautiful beach. The atmosphere is lovely and cool which makes them both to enjoy the beach and they walk along the white sand beach. Clearly, there are the two pairs of footprints of Jesus and that man down the coast. However, a sudden wave of water comes, sunny weather suddenly becomes cloudy. On the white sand, there is only a single pair of footprints. The man asks Jesus, “Jesus, where are you when the storm came, a black cloud came over? Why is there only one pair of footprints in the sand? “Jesus gently answered, “My child, that’s when I’m holding you.”

The guidance of God will never stop, when we surrender to Him. If we walk faithfully following God’s guidance, anything that we do in the guidance of God will never fail. If we live in God’s guidance, God promised He is always with us in all things to guide us even He will carry us when the storm hit us.

David was the one who was always looking for the Lord and His presence before he made a decision and it was done consistently well in all conditions, even in the desert, the king’s palace, or hiding in the cave. Because he understood that without God’s guidance and protection, he would only get emptiness even if he won. David would never act before God gave His guidance. Therefore, David was the only king who recorded to never losing a single battle although in his life, he had to walk through the valley of death.


The LORD makes firm the steps of the one who delights in him; though he may stumble, he will not fall, for the LORD upholds him with his hand.” (Psalm 37:23-24)

TODAY’S ACTION:                  

God’s protection will always be with you, when you surrender to God.


Verily, He is the Lord who always carries you on His back when the black clouds come into your life.



29 May


Today’s Word: 1 Samuel 3:1-10; 3:19-20

Today’s Bible Reading:

Morning: John 11:1-29

Night: 2 Chronicle 7-9

Today’s Inspiration

Many believers say that they have heard the voice of God every day, how about us, do we also experience as most of the believers? Or even we are one of the believers who have often wondered how to hear God’s voice? There are people who are hungry for clues and do not hesitate to spend much money to go anywhere and buy anything to be able to hear God’s voice. But the more they find, the more they are disappointed for nothing to get, because only to those people who have intimacy with God can hear God’s voice. There are several reasons why most people fail to hear God’s voice?

  1. Never have intimacy and only come to the Lord and His presence only when need help.
  2. Take advantages from the presence of God to satisfy the lust and desire only when they need God, they will treat God as a servant but if they do not need a God they do not care about God.
  3. Find God with half-hearted and lukewarm, easily to be discouraged, disappointed and quickly switching faith and direction.

Words of God recorded in the Bible said that if we should respect and fear of God, maintain the intimacy with God through prayer and worship earnestly, always stay in His presence, and seek earnestly, so to listen to God’s voice is in fact an ordinary matter.


Speak, for your servant is listening.” (1 Samuel 3:10)

TODAY’S ACTION:                  

Build your altar of pray, use your time to have fellowship with God, and remain in the presence of God then you will hear the God’s voice.


When you get close with God, then you can hear the God’s voice at all times.



28 May


Today’s Word: Matthew 17:20

Today’s Bible Reading:

Morning: John 10:24-42

Night: 2 Chronicle 4-6

Today’s Inspiration
One day you buy a large ornament of stone and it weighs 150 kg, the stone you just bought for a decoration in your garden to make it looks artistic and adds beauty to your garden. The problem that burdens you is that you have to move it in order to place it in the appropriate place for the stone to function and add beauty to the garden. When you have to lift it, for sure you will figure out how to move the heavy stone and then you make plans. Things that maybe you can do is: when you directly lift and move the stone, it is not possible because the stone is too heavy. Or first break the stone into small pieces, then just take it, but it will certainly ruin the function of the stone as a decoration. Or you will use the tool to lift it to avoid injury; it will not be useless and will not damage the function of the stone.

Similarly to the problems you carry on lately, you might say your burden is too heavy, do not be discouraged, loose heart and protracted in sadness. Today, start it by looking at your problem, secondly, use the tool of your faith in the Lord Jesus, the Holy Spirit will enable you to lift up the mountain of your problem, and then dump it.


“Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.” (1 Peter 5:7)


Use the tool of your faith in Jesus, when you experience such a heavy burden.


When you decide to use the tool of your faith, you can even get rid of a problem which as big as a mountain.



27 May


Today’s Word: Joshua 6

Today’s Bible Reading:

Morning: John 10:1-23

Night: 2 Chronicle 1-3

Today’s Inspiration
It is not a few people who believe having faith in God, but the question is whether we just simply have faith, all of our visions and dreams can come true? In James 2:26 clearly says that faith without deeds is dead. So even though we have faith in our vision and our dreams, but if we do not dare to step forward, that faith will die over time and eventually we lost the vision and dream. The step of faith is a statement of our believing faith in God. Indeed, to perform a step of faith will not be easy; sometimes it needs obedient to push us to step forward bravely.

When the nation of Israel was about to break into the city of Jericho, they faithfully performed the step of faith around the walls of Jericho for seven days, blowing trumpets and such wall finally collapsed. This was one incredible action step of faith of obedience from the nation of Israel. Maybe they did not initially understand why God told them to circle the walls of Jericho for seven days, but the obedient made them willing to take a step of faith that made them win. What happens if the Israelites did not step forward in faith to circle the walls of Jericho? Surely, the Israelites would not seize the city.

Today, when you have the faith to believe in Jesus, and are waiting for your vision and dreams to be fulfilled, do not stand still, say it in your faith and obey to perform the step of faith, even though it looks does not make any sense then you will see the result.


“As the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without deeds is dead.” (James 2:26)


You only need to be obedient to move forward.


Do not wait to see your visions and dreams to happen, move forward in faith right away.



26 May


Today’s Word: Luke 15:11-32

Today’s Bible Reading:

Morning: John 9:24-41

Night: 1 Chronicle 28-29

Today’s Inspiration
When you are struggling to rely on your own strength and the chance is you are going to face a dead-end, God through His words re-reminded in Zechariah 9:12 to return into the presence of God, which is a miraculous fortress. The parable of the prodigal son, gave us a picture of person when he was in a dead-end, hungry, did not know where to go, but he was reminded of his father’s house. Eventually, he came back to his father’ home, so he revived.

Today if you are experiencing a big loss or even bankruptcy as a result of the wrong decision, all ways have been taken but you are still in the falling position, God provides a way out for you:
1.Back to the fortress of God, that is the presence of God.
2.Increase your hope in believing faith in God and be persevered.
3.Listen to the voice of God in His presence that He delights to hear, delights to answer and restores the lost in multiplying.

When you take a step of faith according to the above Word of God, then God will give you more than what we believe in.


“Return to your fortress, you prisoners of hope; even now I announce that I will restore twice as much to you.” (Zachariah 9:12)


The door of God’s presence is never closed for you; God always welcomes you with open arms, immediately return to God’s presence when you are facing a dead-end.


You will get protection, help and joy when you come back into the presence of God.



25 May


Today’s Word: Isaiah 43:1-7

Today’s Bible Reading:

Morning: John 9:1-23

Night: 1 Chronicle 25-27

Today’s Inspiration
Someone, who recognizes something or stuff well and correctly, proves that this person is the owner of such stuff. God has said in Isaiah 43:1, “Do not fear, for I have redeemed you; I have summoned you by name; you are mine.” This verse proves that God knows well and correctly each of His children, and therefore He calls us by our names. This means that we belong to the Lord, because He knows us well. We have been redeemed by the His expensive blood, because we are very valuable in God’s sight.

Regarding this verse, it has also been confirmed to each of us to never in doubt on God’s faithful love. God, as the owner of a life fully sovereign over our lives, is God who knows everything. When He has a plan for us and then He will lead us to walk towards which He has planned, that is a design that full of peace, brings a future with hope (Jeremiah 29:11).

To achieve what is planned, sometimes God gives signs that we do not deviate from His plan. Signs may be barriers after barriers that give us a sign if we get out of the path of God’s plan, so we can return back to the way, the truth and the life. Sometimes, He will give a warning to us through signs and circumstances around us, God can tell you His plan through the believers around us, even very likely God Himself speaking in audible to tell us His plan. So, that we are the beloved ones may receive all of the good ones that He had planned and enjoy it. It is what He will do to the people of His possession.


“Do not fear, for I have redeemed you; I have summoned you by name; you are mine.” (Isaiah 43:1)


Do not ever be afraid with anything anymore, because you belong to God.


You belong to God, who had been redeemed by His holy blood then you will surely receive God’s promises.