30 Oct


On August 31, 2012, Surigao City in the Philippines where my family lives, experienced a 7.3 magnitude earthquake. Samar Leyte had 7.6 magnitudes. It was the strongest we had ever experienced in our city.

But I thank God, through His Son Jesus Christ, that although it was so strong His hands were upon these places. He was in control of the situation.

A red alert was broadcasted on television and over the radio. My heart was filled with fear as I remembered my family back home. I could not help but just cry and trust God to protect my family in the Philippines affected by the earthquake. I was again reminded of the fear I felt a few years back in the Philippines. Just four days after giving birth to my son we had to evacuate to the mountains as we received news that the tsunami in Japan would affect our area too.

On learning of the earthquake I immediately called my mother who told me about the miracle that happened to my son as the Lord protected him from a very grave accident.

My house back in the Philippines is not fully completed yet. A metal bar had been placed on top of our four bedroom house to hold the ceiling fans but because of the earthquake the metal bar dropped and almost killed my son. It was just in time that my mom quickly snatched up my son from the bed. She only managed to grab his big toe and she pulled him out of the bed just as the heavy metal rod fell exactly where my son had been sleeping. The metal rod could have impaled my son. I thank God and really praise His name as He directed my mom to act in time and save my son, Hallelujah!

As Psalms 91:1-2 says “Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the Lord, “He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust.”

God came to save my son, He covered him and shielded him from harm and indeed God is faithful and He is will always be my refuge and fortress. Hallelujah!

All praises and thanksgiving belong to Him alone and also thank God for all the brothers and sisters in Christ who prayed for us and our place during the earthquake.

In Christ,

Janeth Saranza

BCS Filipino Service


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